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About Dr. Robert Jackson

It all started over 40 years ago. I was the original 97lb weakling, who had sand kicked in his face by the girls at Jones Beach along the south shore of Long Island, N.Y. I remember not being able to do even one pullup in gym class in front of the other boys. It was so bad that I could have posed for the before picture for the original Charles Atlas body building course.

So I and my friend Harry began lifting weights and reading Strength & Health Magazine by Bob Hoffman, a former olympic weightlifting coach. In addition to weightlifting routines to gain strength, the magazine contained articles about nutrition and had ads for weight gain powder and vitamins that purported to transform anyone into Mr. America in 8 weeks.My education in nutrition and physical culture was off to a promising start.

It took a little longer than 8 weeks, but by the time I reached high school I was one of the fittest and strongest athletes in the school. My self esteem soared as I received attention and respect from family, friends, teachers, coaches and most important of all to a 16 year old, females. I became an all-star soccer player, tag heuer replica , wrestler, pole vaulter and captain of the physical fitness team.

During these years, I continued to read magazines and books having to do with strength, health and nutrition.I even baked wheat germ "brownies"to take to school as my lunch. My early granola days were in full swing.

In college, I wrestled and played many sports in intramurals. My concern with health continued, eating as I thought was healthy and never touching alcohol or cigarettes. I was so neurotic about health that I would never touch anything I thought was unhealthy.

Strongly influenced and impressed by my chiropractor, it was natural for me to pursue a career as a drugless healer. I entered professional school in September of 1972 traveling all the way to St Louis to attend Logan College of Chiropractic.Thus began my formal education in nutrition and alternative methods of healing. By staying in school through the summers, I was able to graduate in three years near the top of the class and pass the national board with A's.

That was 29 years ago. In addition to gaining experience with patients, I continued to focus on nutrition in readings and formal seminars. Alternative forms of healing were also a primary focus.

During my adult years, I continued and still to this day workout with weights, cycle, rollerblade, hike and many others. At the age of 38 I was crowned amateur champion of the Scottish heavyweight athletics at Loon Mountain setting a number of records.I am a nationlly licensed wrestling and soccer coach and spent 10 years as head wrestling coach at Lawrence Academy and Acton-Boxboro High School. For years I coached town and club soccer and played soccer at the 30's, 40's and 50's masters level.

My current opinion about the causes of ill health or unwellness centers around nutritional deficiencies and the toxic and hormonal effects of heavy metals, chemicals, parasites and poor food choices. Genetic weakness plays a role in some cases.

Millions of years of evolution has programmed human physiology to work a certain way.It can be said that there is an internal environment and an external environment in constant interaction with each other. Illness or unwellness is a manifestation of an imbalance in the normal interaction of the two environments.

Poor food choices result in deficiencies and adverse hormonal imbalances. Chemicals, heavy metals, and parasites create deficiencies, have poison effects and or create hormonal imbalances as well. Most people have all of these operating at the same time. These issues are often overlooked or not routinely addressed.

Most doctors are symptom and crisis oriented and were not educated to appreciate the association between nutrition and disease. Blood tests are often deceiving. They can show normal hormone levels when hormone function is seriously under functioning. Normal laboratory testing for parasites is woefully inadequate and fails to show their presence even when they are flourishing.

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