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Recomended Readings
Alzheimers Journal Recognizes Insulin Resistance as a key to Alzheimers . Another disease caused in part by insulin. How does insulin resistance occur? Too much insulin from too much carbohydrate intake and heavy metal toxicity. See comments under news.
ASPARTAME-SWEET SUBSTITUE OR BIOCHEMICAL WARFARE AGENT. Read about how aspartame, an incredibly neurotoxic substance, was approved by the governmentand now found in 5,000 foods.
Breaking the Vicious Cycle, Elaine Gloria Gottschall. Correct eating with foods lists for intestinal and general health.
CEREAL GRAINS:HUMANITY'S DOUBLE EDGED SWORD. Scientific discussion of the physiological effects of eating cereal grains.
Cholesterol Myths-Uffe Ravnskov. Learn the truth.
Dangerous Grains: Why Gluten Cereal Grains May Be Hazardous To Your Health. Fabulous book outlining the many health hazards of eating grains and why.
Deceit and Denial: The Deadly Politics of Industrial Pollution . An eye-opening book on the politics of pollution with regard to lead and vinyl chloride. How the government and corporations opt for profits over health.
Dr Wolfgang Lutz Site, author of Life Without Bread. Chapter 7 of the book, Life Without Bread
How To Age Rapidly or Not. A wonderful and eye-opening lecture by Dr. Pauline Harding who discusses lifestyle habits like posture and its effect on aging. Learn why it is very important to stand up straight to ensure longevity. Much, much more. Essential knowledge for wellness.
Insulin and Its Metabolic Effects. A long lecture by Dr Ron Rosedale about insulin:what it is, what it does, why its important. A must read
Know Your Fats, Mary G. Enig. Everything you always wanted to know about fats and more. In my opinion, the best and most correct resource.
Learning, Your Memory, and Cholesterol. In spite of its bad reputation, cholesterol is made by the brain and is indispensible for establishing communication links between nerves and between nerves and muscles. In other words, you couldn't function without cholesterol.
Life Without Bread, Allan and Lutz. Essential reading to understand how what you eat affects your hormones and impacts health.
Life's Delicate Balance, Janette Sherman, M. D.. Causes and prevention of breast cancer.
Living Downstream, Sandra Steingraber. A sensitive portrait of environmental pollution. A must reading for all concerned about how to protect ourselves.
Longevity & health in ancient Paleolithic vs. Neolithic peoples: Not what you may have been told.. This article by Ward Nicholson summarizes research into the downturn in health that accompanied the agricultural revolution.
MANUFACTURED CHOCOLATE and LEAD POISONING. That wonderful chocolate may contain high levels of lead. Read this before you indulge.
Memory and Cholesterol. Read how important cholestrol is for memory and brain function. Fats are not the enemy. Without essential fats, human beings would not be possible.
Nourishing Traditions, Sally Fallon. Essential wellness cookbook.
Our Stolen Future. How pollutants impact our health.
SOY ARTICLE. For those who think soy is a good food. A must read.
STATINS-DON"T TAKE STATINS UNTIL YOU READ THIS. High cholesterol as a cause of heart disease and strokes is another myth foisted on the public. Read this and be informed!
The Healing Miracles of Coconut Oil, Bruce Fife. Learn about the value of coconut oil.
The Myth of Cholesterol, Thomas J. Moore. Article on the history of the cholesterol story and its deconstruction. A must read.
THE MYTH OF VEGETARIANISM. Debunks the idea that vegetarianism is healthier and or better for the earth.
The No Grain Diet, Dr Joseph Mercola. Probably the best way to eat in print.
The Omnivore's Dilemma: A Natural History of Four Meals . A fabulous book on industrialized food and why it might not be so good for us.
THE PROTEIN DEBATE:CORDAIN VS. CAMPBELL. This is the definitive critique of the China Study which purports to support the vegetarian way of life as superior to all others. Read it and decide.
Touching, Ashley Montegu. One of those life changing books. Truly enlightening about the significance of physical contact in the healthy development and psychological maintenance of the human being. A must read.
Virgin Coconut Oil, Brian and Marianita Shilhavy. Book with recipes on the benefits of coconut oil.
WHY WE GET FAT, GARY TAUBES-SEQUEL TO GOOD CALORIES, BAD CALORIES. This sequal to good Calories, Bad Calories focuses on weight issues updating and adding to information in the first book.