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A new patient receives a consultation where health history, eating habits and overall patient environment is ascertained including any emotional concerns and a physical assessment of current nutritional and toxic status and the status of organs and communication between organs and other organs and or other body structures using cutting edge bioenergetic and bioresonance techniques.

The patient will then receive environmental and nutritional advice and a treatment schedule for pain and or system imbalances or weaknesses.

I do not treat disease. I identify weaknesses in lifestyle and weak body systems and privide advice and methods to strengthen these weaknesses in order that the body may achieve a greater state of wellness.

The questions asked and advice given is based on the following conception of health and wellness:

Life is the overlap of the External and Internal Environment:The interplay between what exists outside us with how our bodies function inside.

I define the External Environment as everything we interact with including the five senses: food, air water, metals, chemicals, microbes and physical, emotional or psychological trauma. Nowadays we must include noise, radiation and electro-magnetic fields. Physical location including dwelling, job choice(including location and environment), and the things we use and surround ourselves with is all included.

The Internal Environment consists of our genetics, age, emotions, psychological state, thoughts, gender, nutrient storage and toxic load(metals, chemicals, microbes).

Over millions of years, the interplay of the two has programmed the inside to expect and depend upon what it has received before:

1)Clean air and water.

2)Over 50 essential nutrients found in the historically ingested food.

3)Positive physical and emotional input.

4)A significant and consistent level of physical exertion.

Eating, drinking, breathing and physical and social interaction brings the Internal and External environments together.

These acts must provide what they provided historically or the body will underfunction in a state of unwellness or, in more extreme cases not function at all and die.

Without air, death is immediate.

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Without water or food, death is not immediate, but imminent.

With toxic air, toxic water and toxic and or poor quality or altered food, death may not be imminent, but it will be hastened and the body will underfunction in a state of unwellness.

Without positive emotional and physical contact, death is sometimes imminent, but unwellness is certain.

Without consistent physical exertion, death is not immediate, but hastened and unwellness is certain.

The same body and brain that existed eons ago is now subjected to a world(external environment) that it doesn't recognize and doesn't know how to function in. Humans did not evolve to live like this and have changed the environment faster than our physiology can change in order to adapt.

This concept of health is what drives my endeavor to help myself, my family and my friends and patients.

We must all be educated to make choices that maximize wellness. This includes choices around food, air, water, clothing and materials that we build our houses from, surround ourselves with as well as which companies to support or avoid in all our consumer choices and which candidates we support for office.


Dr Robert Jackson, 12/31/2004



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