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Testamonials of Dr. Jackson's Patients
Vertigo testamonials: watch now on video!
Thank you Dr. Bob! I feel 20 years younger!

"I want to share with you some health improvements that I have encountered since I began a Biotoxin Detox with Dr. Robert Jackson. The improvements that I have are within the first month of treatment. The biggest and first improvement was a greatly increased energy level after two weeks. At the end of the day I still had energy to do things that I never seemed to get even if I tried. When I would get stressed over something I wouldn't stay stressed for very long . My fingernails are becoming harder and not so bendable. My night vision with oncoming carlights is clearer. And the second most important improvement is that my thoughts are clearer. Very few brain farts or searching for words or thoughts. Thank you Dr. Bob! I feel 20 years younger!" Linda.

A Change For The Better.

"Being involved in sports was my main reason for wanting to keep my system firing on all cylinders.     On December 12, I attended a lecture at the Natural Health Food store in Groton, Ma. Dr. Jackson gave an interesting talk on  a carbon copy of nutrition. I participated in a demonstration and found that I had metals in my system. After reading about Dr. Jackson’s story about his stroke and the fact that he thought his lifestyle of active sports and what he thought was a proper diet was an eye opener. His story was a carbon copy of my way of life minus the stroke. I heeded the wakeup call and made an appointment to get a full evaluation. Dr Jackson put a game plan in place. He started me off with the proper supplements along with systematic treatments. Over the last six weeks I had a chance to evaluate the changes that have taken place. Upon evacuating the metals from the brain area I found myself with a happier attitude and my thought process seems sharper. On the physical side, Dr Jackson had me on a program that included the minerals and vitamins that my body was lacking. While training on the ice for 25K and 50K  speedskating events, I found that I had a vast improvement in my endurance. I don’t miss the uncomfortable feeling of lactic acid buildup in my leg muscles. My workouts have been comfortable and more productive. Thanks Dr. Jackson for firing up a few more cylinders in my body. Life seems a great deal more enjoyable." In greatful appreciation." Richard.

My neck has never felt better.

"My neck has never felt better – and this is after only one adjustment. I have mental clarity I haven’t felt in years from the energy clearing. By following Dr. Jackson’s recommended diet, my physical energy is more consistent and dependable and I have fewer food cravings and less digestive upset. In short, I have a more hopeful and positive vie of life." Nancy.

In just three short weeks I was literally 80% pain free.

"I am a 55-year-old woman. For about 15 years I have been in pain each year worth than the year before. I have been told by my doctors and chiropractors that I had arthritis in my neck, back and lower tail bone and if I didn’t keep on moving I would be a cripple. The day I walked (if that is what you want to call it) into Dr. Jackson’s office I was in pain from my head to my feet. I was, in the sense of the word, a cripple. I could not straighten up when I got up to walk, at least not until I was up and about for a while. My neck felt like having a constant toothache and the only time I got relief was when I was wearing neck brace or lying down. After being treated by Dr. Jackson in just three short weeks I was literally 80% pain free. My neck is almost perfect I’d say 90%. It is unbelievable since it was bothering me for at least 10 years. I cannot express enough how great I feel since I’ve been seeing Dr. Jackson. There is no doubt in my mind that without his help and care I would have continued on the path of becoming a cripple." Carol.

I don’t know what he does or how it works, but the result was pretty incredible.

"Friday night just after going out I developed fairly intense lower abdominal pains and had to return home. I saw Dr Jackson, who determined that my immune system was weak in connection with my bladder. In 5 minutes, after doing a short series of BRT treatments, that Dr Jackson calls acupuncture without needles, all the pain was gone, but I still felt a little pressure in the bladder. When I woke up the next day, all the pressure was gone and I was back to normal. This was amazing considering he had used no drugs, no needles and no manipulation. I don’t understand what he does or how it works, but the result was pretty incredible". Stephanie

Dr. Jackson, you work wonders.

"You work wonders, indeed, and a day after my treatment and vitamin recommendations, I feel more centered and somehow - more solid." Joe.

I remain symptom free!

"While living away at school, I went to the health center because I had had 5 days of severe stomach pains with fever. The doctor there sent me to the hospital because he thought it might be appendicitis. They did all kinds of tests including X-rays, CAT-scan, ultrasound, blood tests, etc. and put me on IV-antibiotics. After 5 days I was allowed to leave, but the doctors were not sure what was wrong. They thought it might be Crohn’s Disease and recommended a proctoscopic exam in two weeks. I went home and asked advice from Dr Jackson. He sent me to a Russian doctor in NewYork, who thought it was appendicitis. This guy gave me homeopathic drops and sent me home. While at home Dr. Jackson did BRT energy treatments and gave me supplements to aid the immune system. He also asked me not to eat sugar and cereal grains which he said are known to irritate  the large intestines. In two weeks I was able to decline the proctoscopic exam. I slowly recovered and as long as I am careful about what I eat according to Dr. Jackson’s
recommendations, I remain symptom free." Julia

I am no longer hung up with emotions, especially those that are destructive.

"I would like to highly recommend the technique that is performed by Dr. Robert Jackson for anxiety and stress. I was broadsided by a family member's health crisis. For a week I struggled with blaming myself and also not knowing what to do next. My release was crying but it really wasn't a release. I became very sick myself because of the stress. I then went to see Dr. Jackson. With this technique I have been stress free for a month so far. I don't personalize what is happening around me. I just deal with it. It has even overflowed to all things. I have had many people cut me off when I have been driving the big truck recently and I react safely but hold no anger. I wish the whole world would do this. It would be like the 2 weeks after 9/11 when everyone was patient and polite, even to strangers. Thank you Bob, I am no longer hung up with emotions, especially those that are destructive." Laurien

I have no pain, no bloating and no fever

"A couple of weeks ago I developed pain in the lower left abdominal area. The pain started to spread down into my leg in the front inside and I had a bloated feeling. I also had a fever. About ten years ago I had fibroids that caused similar pain and I needed an operation to fix the problem. Being nervous that the same thing was happening again, I made an appointment with a doctor in Boston and consulted Dr Jackson in the mean time. Using applied kinesiology, he analyzed my situation and said my left ovary was weak and possibly infected. Until I saw the medical doctor in two days he did BRT energy treatments on me and suggested some supplements to support the immune system. By the time I saw the M.D. two days later, I had almost no symptoms. The M.D. thought that maybe there was a fibroid growing and if the symptoms persisted, I should see a specialist. I saw Dr. Jackson a few more times and continue to take his supplements. I don’t know how it works, but I have no pain, no bloating and no fever. I am very grateful to Dr. Jackson. I was really afraid of another operation." Iren

I was ecstatic!

"While college was in session, I went to a local gynecologist for a pap test. The results showed abnormal cells, so the test was repeated with no change in the results. As a result, I was scheduled for a cone biopsy. While home on break, I went to see Dr Jackson to get his opinion. He analyzed my body and found a weak immune response in the uterus and yeast. He said he didn’t know if what he did would work, but it was worth a try. After doing some BRT energy treatment and giving me some supplements to strengthen the immune system and handle the yeast, I went back to school. I was nervous about the cone biopsy a few weeks ahead. On the day of the test, I went to the clinic, got all prepared and was on my back with legs up in the stirrups. The doctor, who was different from the one who did the pap tests examined me internally and said she couldn’t find anything wrong. There was no reason to do the biopsy. And she couldn’t explain why now there were no abnormal cells where two months before there were. I was ecstatic. The same day, I called Dr Jackson with the news."  Nancy

I was so happy and grateful!

"After getting the news that my routine mammogram revealed a large dark shadow, I consulted Dr Jackson. He determined that I had mercury and yeast in my body. He recommended some supplements to detox those items, but offered no guarantee that this would help the problem. Two months later, a new mammogram was completely clear. I was so happy and grateful, I called Dr. Jackson on the spot to tell him the good news." Jane

Not only was I amazed, but Dr Jackson was amazed...

"In order to help promote the potential benefits of an unusual alternative health procedure as practiced by Dr. Robert Jackson of Acton, Ma, I want to share this experience with other people about an amazing treatment that occurred while I was working with Dr Jackson on his heavy metal detox program for me. While working in my barn pitching hay, I accidently stuck myself in the stomach with my hay hook through my clothing . Initially, there was no blood or any pain, so I thought nothing of it. After a few days the area began to itch and developed a small red thickened swelling that remained. Two months later, I asked Dr Jackson about it and he said it sounds as if you must have a superficial infection of some sort. Using an applied kinesiological treatment system called BRT(Body restoration Technique), Dr Jackson determined that there was an immune weakness associated with the area, which only revealed itself when tested against a urine sample. He treated the area once using BRT procedures. The next morning the itching was gone and in a few days the swelling had gotten smaller and is now gone. Not only was I amazed, but Dr Jackson was amazed.   He says that, literally, every week he finds some unusual condition or set of symptoms that responds to to BRT procedures." Laura

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