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Annatto E 300 tocotrienols
Benefits of Tocotrienols

Tocotrienols have shown impressive effects in supporting cardiovascular health, particularly in regard to

supporting healthy cholesterol and triglyceride metabolism. They may also be beneficial for promoting a

healthy inflammatory response. Tocotrienols also support healthy blood pressure in relation to their support

of healthy blood vessel function.*

Owing to their promotion of normal blood lipid metabolism, tocotrienols may be beneficial for metabolic

support related to blood glucose and insulin metabolism. New research also suggests tocotrienols may be a

valuable addition to the supplement regimens of those who need nutritional support for strong, healthy bones.*

Perhaps the best-known role for the vitamin E complex is that of an antioxidant. Tocopherols have antioxidant

effects, but tocotrienols are more potent at protecting against cellular damage from harmful free radicals. The

powerful antioxidant function of tocotrienols has been demonstrated in studies of skin and eye health, where

damage from oxidation can lead to premature aging of the skin and compromised visual acuity. Abnormal

growth of blood vessels in