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The Wonder of Monsanto Wheat
A very concerned patient emailed me a few day ago and wanted me to examine the lump on her chest. I quickly ascertained that it was not cancer. Her muscle strength was not what it should have been for this hearty farmer and horse person. The area in question tested for reaction to gluten. There was a previous injury to the area that normally leaves blood vessels fragile. The opposite side was fine. Gluten is a lectin protein in wheat that the immune system attacks with swelling.due to inflammation of the cells that line the inside of the vessels.The same response in the brain is a stroke or Altzheimers and in the coronary arteries of the heart it is a heart attack and the same process attacks the joints resulting in the pandemic of knee and hip replacements.

This AMerican Monsanto Wheat should be avoided like the plague and thought of as the poisin that it is.