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A California company that markets what they call their impossible "meat"is exactly that, impossible meat because it is anything, but meat. It is marketed as a healthy, more sustainable. less cruel option to beef. The problem is that it is none of these things. No amount of believe in this makes it true. This impossible "meat" is about as highly processed as something can be. It is made from soy and contains wheat. It is engineered to bleed and smell like real hamburger when cooked. And the soy and wheat are GMO. Soy has phytates, which depletes minerals, and soy interferes with protein digestion ,one of the reasons people eat it for, and contains phytoestrogens, which upset hormone balance. Wheat is wheat with all the negatives. Both are monoculture crops, which, when grown, results in a loss of topsoil, uses a lot of water, and the tilling of the soil kills billions of sentient creatures across the globe each year and disturbs and destroys ecosystems of other sentient creatures. How the claim can be made this is cruelty free, a more healthy option and sustainable is a study in willful ignorance and wishful thinking.