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A recent client told me her chest thermography had gotten worse from two years ago initially with respect to a recent test. A mammogram was recommended. Naturally, this was not a pleasant thought given the x-ray exposure.

My testing showed the breast was not involved. It was healthy. Testing revealed scarring energy. I asked the client if she had been in an accident that would have caused trauma to the area just to the right of her breast. Sure enough. She was in an accident and the shoulder harness ran right across the area of thermography indication and scar location where she had been jerked forward and bruised by the strap exactly in the area in question. Treatment consists of cold laser and ingestion of compatible wheat germ oil, a common protocol for scars. Testing indicates this will work. Testing also showed that Monsanto American Wheat and corn causes the scar to light up. In other words, the inflammation to the connective tissues from the trauma is exacerbated by the well known inflammatory tendency of GMO Wheat and Corn.

The exacerbation is so complete that without complete avoidance of the wheat and corn, treatment will not work.