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Breast Lump-The Power of MFT

A few days ago, a patient called me and asked what she could do about a lump next to her breast under her left armpit. Naturally, I hoped for the best and hoped it was nothing more than an infection. Arriving today, she said it was sore to the touch, but didnt feel sick in any way. Testing revealed the breast was not involved and that there was no infection, candida or other parasite. Testing did reveal a ramped up lymph system. She often gets skin rashes from foods to which she is sensitive and asked me to check her again with eggs, since she had been eating a lot of eggs lately and had a rash again. Testing with organic eggs was fine, but commercial eggs were rejected. She had been eating eggs in restaurants. These are commercial eggs. I determined that Thymus extract helped the lymph system and that would be the recommendation. Testing with commercial eggs even with the thymus extract ramped up the lymph system again whereas organic eggs did not. The conclusion was that the commercial eggs elicited such an extreme reaction from her immune system that fluid buildup resulted in a lump in the left arm pit next to the breast. As a matter of anatomy, the thoracic duct, which is the anatomical end of the lymph collected by the body empties into the aorta coming off the top of the heart in the left upper chest area, hence the location of the fluid lump.

I never ceased to be amazed at the power of the MFT muscle response technique I mainly rely on to reveal the core problem. This was new to me. In over 41 years, I had never encountered this sort of a lump. It took less than 10 minutes to determine what it was.

The patient was thrilled to learn there was no life threatening condition or infection, which has been the case before.

With a smile on her face, She also pointed out all the things I have learned from her as my patient. See how wonderful you are? I replied.

Dr Jackson