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On Thursday December 29th, a mother drove over two hours from Connecticut with her 16 year old daughter on the recommendation of their neighbor(a patient of mine) to have me evaluate her condition. For the last three years, from the age of 13 to her current age of 16 this young girl has been in constant pain. There was never a minute of any day in which she was pain free. She had been seen by over 50 medical doctors and to them, her condition was a mystery. They gave her a diagnosis of juvenile fibromyalgia and put her on 5 medicines, a probiotic, glucosamine and fiber, none of which touched the pain. The first thing I asked her was if she was in pain at that very moment, to which she answered yes. Then I asked if there was ever a minute in the day when she was pain free, and she answered with a no. She was obviously lethargic and tested as physically weak(I have pictures). Holding a list of items on her habitual diet, I asked if any of the over 50 doctors had asked about her diet, to which she responded with no. FYI, she tested free of lymes, lupus and any thing else that might explain the pain.

Today was the first time I had seen her in 17 days. Her pain is almost gone. She looks much more alive than the first visit(I have pictures), and her physical strength is considerably improved. Toxic heavy metal levels have decreased.

What was different and what made the difference?

Spontaneous remission? A miracle?

No. Very simple. In with the good. Out with the bad.

When inflammatory foods are removed(as a rule, she carried a bag of M&Ms around with her) and nutrients necessary to optimal health that have been missing from the diet are provided, especially the correct essential fatty acids, the body will turn on again.

In a month or two, this young lady will be vibrantly healthy, happy, physically strong and pain free.

This kind of thing will keep me working forever!