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Dear friends and family, at first, a little serious humor and very serious need to know information: Was talking to a woman in the store today, explaining what I did about toxins, essentially making sure people get the nutrients that the body uses to process toxins so they can be eliminated rather than accumulated and she called me the Terminator. I immediately flashed on Dr. Jackson, the Toxin Terminator. 

More on toxins;

The Navy admits to having released chemicals known to injure infants brains. For decades, by their own admission, the navy has been conducting war games using bombs and other war paraphernalia that contain toxic chemical including lead and mercury.

Something called a sonobuoy leaches lithium from old batteries for 55 years. Lithium can cause severe neurotoxic effects and birth defects in humans. It only takes a minute amount amount of exposure to cause permanent injury to human infants.

These chemicals are released in the Gulf of Alaska and off the west coast from Alaska to Mexico.

So when I say to you that a little bit of poison is still poison, it means that it all matters. So when the government resists allowing food to be labeled GMO at the behest of Monsanto, meaning food corporations dont want you to know what you are eating. I recently saw the president talk about following the science when it comes to climate change. There are scientists being paid by Monsanto who claim that GMO foods are safe, so whose science do you follow. GMO foods are sprayed with Roundup, which is manufactured by Monsanto. Do you get that? GMO food means genetically modified in order to withstand and not be killed by the spraying of the herbicide Roundup, which kills the weeds around but not the GMO crop in question. So the weeds die, the crop doesnt, but it is covered in the herbicide Roundup, so eating the crop, corn, soy or whatever is made from the crop such as corn starch, corn syrup, synthetic vitamins and more, all contain Roundup which is implicated in cancer, hormone disruption, neurological problems and more.

Monsanto also makes Agent Orange and aspartame.

And it will get worse. Monsanto is being taken over by Bayer. The new company will be the largest seed and pesticide company in the world.

This is a threat to all Americans and a disaster for the worlds food system.

Yes. This is the company that makes Bayer aspirin. What could be more innocent than that?

Bayer was founded in 1863 and in WW2 produced Zyklon B gas used by the Nazis in the gas chambers. Bayer also purchased 150 healthy female prisoners from the Auschwitz camp commander for use as test subjects for a new sleep drug. All died, but another group was ordered soon after.

If you think this was all in the past and these things would be impossible now, think again. In 2003, Bayer sold blood-clotting medicine tainted with HIV virus to Asian, Latin America and Europe in the mid 1980s. The drug was worth millions and Bayer sold it for another year after the contamination was discovered. Over 100 hemophiliacs in Hong Kong and Taiwan alone died after using the medicine.

Bayers drug Trasylol, used to control bleeding during surgery, was found to cause a thousand deaths a month for 14 years. Bayer hid evidence of bad results in order to continue selling it.

The Bayer birth control pill Yaz has killed 190 young women, and its top selling Flintstones vitamins for kids contains extremely toxic ingredients such as aspartame, aluminum, coal tar, hydrogenated soybean oil, a trans fat, GE corn starch, meaning Roundup residues.

Show this to everyone and urge them to boycott Bayer and Monsanto,

Dr. Jackson