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Over the weekend I attended a double presentation by Dr Stuart White and Dr Jeff Spencer. Dr White presented example after example of miracles in healing using whole foods nutrients: lymphoma, leukemia, heart disease, MRSA, PTSD, lupus, Parkinson’s and many more. Dr Spencer, chiropractor to Lance Armstrong, Bono and many other famous athletes and people emphasized how our everyday performance is as based on nutritional integrity as is a day in the life of a Tour du France competitor. He said toxic exposure takes up 10 % of a body’s energy expenditure so it is imperative for optimal performance to pay attention to toxic load. And just how is this done? By feeding the body the nutrients it requires by the liver to perform the normal detox function it is naturally programmed to do. All the professional cyclists do this. So even if you are a weekend warrior athlete or just walk around the block for exercise, you are still exposed to toxins with every breath and will accumulate toxins unless you pay attention to your nutritional status.