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DrP My son, who works at Whole Foods and is involved in yoga teacher training, both environments where the "go-vegan" propaganda is particularly strong, recently took a vow to go vegetarian for 50 days. Our family is extremely insulin-resistant and my son learned in his late teens that he needed to restrict his carbohydrates as my siblings and I have done for years. He tried his hardest to keep his protein and fat content as high as possible without consuming any animal flesh, but he experienced ravenous hunger and his old problem with mental focus ("ADHD") and energy/mood swings returned. His co-workers even commented on an uncharacteristic tendency to become angry and contentious - which was surprising because he is normally a very "chill" and positive individual. After the 50 days, he returned to his low-carb, high-fat diet and re-introduced organic, grass-fed meat, fish, and poultry. He immediately felt a return to stable mood, mental focus, and a feeling of satiety. Although he wishes, for moral and ethical reasons, to restrict animal food consumption, he acknowledges that for some of us (perhaps many of us), a vegetarian diet is not a healthy option. We will continue to look for the most ethical ways to include the meat that our bodies were clearly evolved to depend upon for optimal health - body, mind, and spirit.