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For three weeks A. Harrison had been suffering from a full body itchy rash and extreme fluid retention in her legs. This caused her to cancel her weekly appointment for low back treatment. When she appeared the next week and she told me about the symptoms, I suspected an allergen. The medical doctor was baffled and prescribed lasix for fluid retention. Using the Advanced Allergy Therapeutics software, I was able to determine that the problem had to do with bananas. I asked A.H. whether she had been eating bananas and she said, yes, she eats some every day. Further investigation revealed a chemical used in fumigants used as a fruit spray. I then desensitized A.H. to the chemical with the Advanced Allergy Therapeutics and advised her not to touch(defined, literally, as no skin contact) any bananas for a few weeks. When I saw A. H. the next week she told me all her symptoms had gone away after 4 days. This was amazing considering she had had the symptoms for 3 weeks without letup before the treatment and avoidance of the suspected allergen. I told A. H. that it was no wonder the medical doctor didn't know the cause, and that I would never have guessed it without the aid of the ADVANCED ALLERGY THERAPEUTICS software!