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The news media all over the country have jumped on this study which claims that the evidence that low fat diets actually contribute to weight gain and other health probems is not true. Some doctors are even proclaiming that despite this new "evidence", there are still some people out there that think carbohydrates, especially grains are bad for you. As it turns out, the data compiled by this study does not prove their case. It actually disproves their case, but they are making claims based on wishful thinking or what they want or wanted this study to prove. If people would study the body's physiology or the way the body is programmed, it is crystal clear that carbohydrates and grains in particular cause the greatest rise in blood sugar when they are eaten. When blood sugar rises and stays high too frequently, the body takes this extra sugar, turns it into fat and stores it in fat cells. Protein causes a low rise in blood sugar and fat is completely neutral causing no rise in blood sugar. So it is clear that eating protein and fat does not do this. Eating fat does not make you fat. How many people know that there are no essential or required carbohydrates needed to sustain life?There are only essential proteins and fats. The body can function perfectly well without eating any carbohydrates. This fact alone should turn on a light. If the body can live without something and stay healthy, that item was not used or required as food during millions of years of evolution. The food items used that programmed the body was mostly protein and fat. Carbohydrates and grains were not primary foods and could said to be a foreign substance which is why they raise blood sugar too much because the body isn't programmed to handle it. High blood sugar is a primary cause of most illness. The programming is the proof of the way things were and are supposed to be.

If carbs are eaten at all, they should be high fiber types that stimulate blood sugar the least. In my opinion, grains and sugar based sweeteners should be avoided to maximaize health.