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Being a lifetime athlete and coach, I know how hard many athletes work on skills, physical fitness, strategy and the mental aspect of sport to attain their own personal goals. Over and over have I seen these same athletes seem totally detached or unaware that what they put into their body has as much to do with success as training. Moreover, the coaches were also unaware, paid lipservice to, or ignored that aspect of their sport. Many are probably just unaware in their own right and, by my own observation, possesss eating habits that do not set a good example for sports fitness or for fitness for life.

To be specific, I found muscle weakness in grip strength, neck muscles, leg muscles, chest muscles and in some cases, the entire body. I also found joint pains of thumbs and elbows. These weaknesses and pain were directly related to specific nutrient deficiencies such as certain B vitamins, minerals or essential fats or the eating or drinking of too much sugar laden items. It is no stretch to assume that these muscle weaknesses lead to an increase in the frequency, amount and seriousness of injuries and increase in recovery time from injuries. It does not take much imagination or knowledge to understand that if muscles are weakened by poor nutrition, so is stamina and recovery from workouts. Perhaps, most importantly, the mind will be effected and cause poor attitude. Poor stamina, poor recovery and poor attitude will certainly also lead to increases in injury. Poor nutrition also lowers resistrance to disease which means more colds and flu and more lost time for athletes.

Dr Robert Jackson 3/27/06