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To All Patients, Friends and Family,


Thanks to your help we had a successful workshop Wednesday at the Billerica Public Library. In all, about 20 people attended to hear about the effects of food and toxins on health. The demonstrations were quite revealing. Testing of an apparently vigorous and healthy 23 year old personal trainer found him laden with heavy metals and deficient in B vitamins and essential fatty acids. His neck muscles and his grip were weak and immediately strengthened to full power upon ingestion of a B6 food concentrate. You must understand that the muscle weaknesses were a symptom or manifestation of a missing essential nutrient. Another 65 year old women was also laden with metals and low in essential fatty acids.

This just goes to show how anyone can be laden with metals and have nutritional deficiencies in spite of appearances. This is so common that I estimate that 95 to 100% of the population has some measure of these two conditions. This is a prescription for poor health and a major contributing factor to all chronic illness. No mainstream health screenings test for this.

On the purely physical side, I was able to increase range of motion and relieve pain in a 50 year old mans shoulder to 90%, increase range of motion at least 30% in a 60year old mans shoulder that had recently been operated on for a torn rotator cuff and was very stiff, and increase range of motion in a 65 year old womens neck by 100%, all within a few minutes.

The new techniques I have learned continue to amaze me in their ability to decrease or eliminate pain and increase range of motion in any joint, all without manipulation. In many cases these results are in cases of long standing pain and or stiffness that have not responded to manipulation, physical therapy or exercise.

In recent weeks I also volunteered my services to the North Andover wrestling team and was the tournament Chiropractor for the Massachusetts All-State Wrestling Tournament. I was able to correct or significantly improve pain and stiffness in every wrestler and coach I worked on with the new techniques. The results are so superior to my previous therapy that I seldom manipulate anymore.

The other thing to report is that many of the best wrestlers in the state had weak muscles due to various nutritional deficiencies. Imagine what these athletes could accomplish if they ate food that contained all the essential nutrients.

Thanks for listening. Yours in health,

Dr Bob Jackson