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More sustainable small farms have been driven out of business dating back to to the Reagan Administration who called in small farm loans. Agribusiness spends 100 million dollars lobbying each two year election cycle. This means politicians promise agribusiness friendly policies for money that helps them get elected. Agri CEO'S and investors make obscene profits. Monsanto returns were 14 fold when Bayer bought it. This is the Monsanto that makes Roundup which is sprayed on all crops. Roundup is proven to cause cancer and alter many essential physiological functions. It is poison. Trump held a photo op with the CEO OF DOW chemical in the WH. DOW makes chlorpyrifos, its herbicide similar to Roundup. So a vote for Trump is a vote for poison water, poison air and poison food. 37% of all Americans each eat at least one fast food meal per day. About half of Americans have a chronic disease related to bad diet. Trump policies made it more difficult for small farms to exist and yet the areas most negatively effected by Reagan and Trump policies voted for both two times. These people voted against their own self-interest. Many lost their farms/homes and livelihood. They trusted the lies and propaganda of their tribe. How did their vote work out for them?