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Vertigo, Dizziness, Balance Disorder and Brain Fog

Welcome to my vertigo page!

If you are like most people who come to this page, you are looking for help. Most likely, you have been to many doctors and have had many tests run. Tests probably showed nothing wrong. You are frustrated and still feeling no better. For three years I have specialized in helping people with these symptoms.

Dr. Robert Jackson in "Chronicle HD" TV show on Boston TV Channel 5.

First of all, vertigo is not a disease! It is a symptom! It is a sign that something is wrong and there is a cause! There is more than one cause for vertigo and symptoms like it such as dizziness and brain fog. Serious causes such as nerve diseases and cancer are discovered by regular medical tests such as blood tests, x-rays, cat scans and MRI’s. Serious nerve damage such as from accidents or other physical trauma can usually be found with medical tests, as well. There are a number of other categories that cannot be readily found with medical tests.

I find mostly two categories:

One is a mechanical fault of the neck (probably produced by physical trauma) that causes the balance mechanisms to send undecipherable signals into the part of the brain that interprets these signals and uses them to maintain balance. Because the signals are now garbled and not able to be understood by the brain, the result is a balance disorder impossible to be diagnosed via normal medical tests. Fortunately, this defect is detectable and treatable by practitioners trained to do so. This is discussed at length on the video below of my talk at Newton Wellesley hospital.

The other general category of symptoms is found in people who have a low level of wellness. This is not understood as a cause by most medical practitioners. Therefore, it is not looked for. These people are undernourished and toxic. In almost every case where I have been able to bring people’s wellness or health up to an acceptable level, the symptoms have diminished or disappeared. You can read or view video testimonials of this below.

Video of Dr. Jackson speaking at Newton-Wellesley Hospital to the vertigo support group


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Vertigo Testamonials

Laura Underwood is now free of vertigo after years of suffering

"For the last fifteen years I have had periodic episodes of vertigo. It would always strike at night, while I was sleeping. Even before I would open my eyes I would know that everything was spinning around me. These”episodes” would last for weeks. Of course, I went to doctors and specialists. I had CT Scans and a MRI. My inner ear was checked. The doctors couldn’t find anything wrong. They simply said I had Benign Positional Vertigo and sent me home with the prescription Meclizine to help calm down the symptoms. The side effects of the prescription are intense drowsiness which made daily functioning difficult.

I had another “episode” recently. I again went to get checked by my doctor and was told the same thing and sent home with Meclizine-- again.  This episode though was particularly bad.  I could not lie down at all because as soon as I would lie back—everything would start to spin. I spent three weeks sleeping sitting up in a chair. During my day to day activity things weren’t spinning but you could feel that something was off—you walk around in a fog. I wasn’t improving and I was tired of sleeping in a chair, so in desperation I went to the Internet and typed in Vertigo. I came across Dr Robert Jackson’s website.  I was thrilled to read of his success stories treating Vertigo. I live about 2 1/2 hours away.  But I would drove ten hours if I thought I could be helped.

I found Dr. Jackson to be a very gentle, kind, and sympathetic doctor. He took an evaluation and then explained the adjustment he would perform. He explained it might take several visits to completely stop the Vertigo. He performed what seemed to be such a minor manipulation that I could hardly believe that it was going to work. But it did! The week following my first visit I felt so much better. The general “fogginess” that I was experiencing during the day was gone. I was able to lay in bed to sleep—though I still needed to be propped up with pillows. After my second adjustment, I was able to lie back in bed like normal and finally was able to get some rest.

I can’t describe the relief it has brought me. For years I have always lived with the fear that a Vertigo “episode” could strike at anytime. I would always carry Meclizine with me wherever I traveled.  It’s such a relief not to have that fear anymore. Even if for some reason in the future the Vertigo were to come back, I know I can see Dr. Jackson and I know it can be corrected. I told Dr. Jackson that he better not be planning on moving any time soon!"

Merilee E. Wright: "Dr. Jackson has given me back my life."

"When I first came to Dr. Jackson on March 11th, I could barely walk straight. I had seen every specialist you could think of, from neurologist to physical therapist. I had blood tests, CT Scan, MRI, ENT tests and the list goes on. I even lost my teaching job that I loved because no one knew what exactly was wrong with me. All people knew was that I have been dizzy for almost a year and there was nothing they could do about it. So here I was working a P/T job sitting down to accommodate my dizzy spells, thinking that age 25 I was doomed to adjust to my new lifestyle. I did not want to believe that there was nothing that anyone could do. It was very disheartening to hear that no doctor had a cure. I felt depressed and helpless. I did not want to imagine that this was what life had in store for me. I used to play softball and be in theater! Now I could not even walk a straight line without the help of a wall, or something to hold me up. A very good friend left me an advertisement for Dr. Robert Jackson. At first I was a skeptic myself because why had I not heard anything before about this guy? At this point though I was willing to try anything. Mr. Jackson was able to spot several things wrong with me right away. He determined not only was it the imbalance in my body, but I also had a high count of metals in my body and my neck was in poor shape. He immediately had me begin the de-toxing diet. Which is not as bad as you may think. He also has been treating me for my neck pains. Today is April 5th and I am proud to say that not only has there been a huge improvement in my dizzy spells but my neck pain is gone! It has only been a month and the treatment has made incredible results. In fact I went out dancing this past weekend, which I have not done in over a year! I had NO dizzy spells. (please click "Play" to see this testamonial video)

Dr. Jackson has given me back my life. I am about to start a new job at a wonderful company. I gained back my confidence and balance in my life. Dr. Jackson may not be your traditional doctor. He has had very effective results. I have been very happy with what he has done for me. If anyone is experiencing a similar situation or know anyone else that is experiencing something similar, I highly recommend Dr. Jackson. Besides what do you have to lose? I got my life back. Thanks Dr. Jackson."

Mia Cartaglia: "Now I can beat my husband in golf!"

Mia Cartaglia describes her recovery from dizziness, weakness, and por health with Dr. Robert Jackson's help. Listen to how she beat her husband in golf and how a colleague told her how good she looked over and over.


As I mentioned vertigo is not a disease. It is a symptom that can have different causes. Featured below are testamonials from people whose vertigo symptoms are caused by the severe depletion of essential nutrients and the noxious effects of toxic metals or chemicals. In each case the people believed they were eating a healthy diet. In many cases, the people were taking vitamins and had undergone detoxification programs or procedures. Most of these are useless.

Almost all had seen many doctors and had CAT scans, MRI and blood tests and were told nothing could be found to explain their sympthoms. Please click "play" to listen to the testamonial of Arthur Mongeon.

Dale Massicotte had vertigo eliminated in six sessions

"Doctor Jackson,I started coming to you because I was suffering from vertigo and nausea.  I have read about vertigo online and mine seemed a little different because I only got it when sitting behind my computer and while driving; while some others got it standing up and even lying down.  I guess we are all a little different, but the technique that you used on me put an end to the vertigo and nausea spells, and has worked great. I went to six weekly sessions from October 5 through November 8, 2006.  The first session was the most interesting.  The treatment was painless and effective.  After the first session, I noticed that my vertigo symptoms were gone during my drive back to Connecticut, but they returned the next day (but not as strong, or as much).  I remembered during the session that you mentioned we would have to reinforce the changes over a few visits.  Because of this, I looked forward to the next session.  I thought if I already felt better, then another session would make me feel even better. And I was right.  The second, third, forth, fifth and sixth sessions all made me improve more.  If I were to break it down by percentages I would say that I felt better: 50% better after the first session, 70% better after the second, 80% after the third, 90% after the fourth, 95% after the fifth, and 99% after the sixth and final session.

I stopped going because of the long commute, but if I was more local I would have probably done 2 or 3 more (just to be sure). Turns out I never needed the other sessions because I have been very happy with the results.  The vertigo that was affecting my concentration at work, has cleared up nicely.  It’s nice not to be nauseous all the time. Dr Jackson, I appreciate how you have kept in touch with me, checking on how I am doing.  I will let you know if there are any changes in the future".

Maria: "7 weeks ago I had not been able to climb this tower in over 7 years"

Dear Bob,

I made it to the top of the Great Meadow Tower! I will bring a photo for you on Friday. It felt like a miracle. All the hard work you spent with helping me paid off, words can not explain how happy I was to over come that terrible “vertigo feeling” that had plagued me for so many years.

You have changed my life, I feel like everyone else now, which is the greatest feeling when you had felt like a type of freak for so many years.


Janet Fuller: "My dizziness was gone and it didn’t come back"

"I came to Doctor Jackson for lowback pain and read an article he had written about how he could fix vertigo. One day I mentioned to him that I had this problem and it was happening as we spoke while I was lying down on the treatment table, so he tested me using this muscle testing technique and said he might be able to help me. He did this treatment on me while having me breath in and out. It took only a few minutes and when I tried the same positions with my head, the dizziness was gone and it didn’t come back. He didn’t have to treat it again. I thought this was pretty amazing."

Are you tired of living with vertigo?

If the answer is yes, then it is time to schedule an appointment!

To make an appointment with me call (978)-264-4151 or (978)-394-2147 or e-mail a request to me using contact form (click here) on my web site.

What to expect. Prior to the initial visit the patient is asked to fill out a toxicity survey and write a description of his/her habitual diet which they bring with them. During the initial visit an analysis is done without x-rays, blood tests, urine or saliva tests. It is totally painless and non-invasive and consists of the following:

1. Visual Contrast Sensitivity Test - a simple eye test where the viewer reads a card that determines the ability to detect the visual patterns of shades of grey. This measures the health of the photoreceptors of the eye with regard to the level of toxicity.

2. HRVT(Heart Rate Variability Test) - examines the heart rhythms and it’s variability which determines the level of health and degree of functioning of the involuntary nervous system.

3. MRT(Muscle Response Testing) - This is a hands-on examination technique that combines Western medicine and Oriental medicine and uses muscle testing as a bio-feedback indicator of the body’s response to certain stressors. These stressors cause change in the autonomic nervous system as the primary indicator of practitioner-elicited stress responses in the client’s body as reflected in muscle strength. Also called Bio-resonance testing, it allows the practitioner to scan the body to examine our physical condition, the safety of food, toxins, the electromagnetic environment, and obtain information about substances through their electromagnetic fields. This is done by the following:

  • Electromagnetically (placing substances in the field)
  • Structurally, pushing on a body area, squeezing an organ or gland, stressing a joint etc.
  • Contacting reflexes or acupuncture points

The patient’s response to the stressor is reflected in the muscle testing. Once stressors are identified, therapeutic modalities(supplements or homeopathics) are tested. Whatever neutralizes the stress response is an agent or a method that will help the body cope with the underlying cause of the stress (unless it is determined to be an allergen).

In this way, toxins and deficiencies are identified along with the necessary protocol( supplements, homeopathics, dietary changes, prevention, etc.) specific to the individual and a program of detoxification and health restoration is established and recommended to the individual

This method is used by and commented on by the following:

  • Dr. Savely Yurkovsky, MD, Cardiologist- On the whole, Bio-resonance testing represents the single most powerful diagnostic modality available in the world today.
  • Professor Yoshiaki Omura, M.D. Director of Medical Research, Heart Disease Research Foundation, President, International College of Acupuncture and Electro-Therapeutics, New York
  • Dr. Dietrich Klinghardt, M.D.-Klinghardt Academy of Neurobiology

I am using this method as a part of my vertigo treatment system which helps my patients to get their health back and enjoy life without vertigo and dizziness symtoms. If you are suffering from vertigo, call me to schedule an appointment. I will do my best to bring your healthy life back.


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