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General Unwellness

Wellness is a sign that the body’s ability to function normally is intact. For the sake of discussion, the body is a collection of cells living together because individual cells benefit from the arrangement. They have evolved ways of sharing necessary resources(circulatory system) and have two communication systems>the nervous and hormonal systems. There is a food processing system>digestive system, a waste processing and detoxification system>liver, kidneys, large intestines, bladder and a system for protecting the cells from outside invaders>immune system.

Many factors in the outside environment can influence or put stress on the body. The cells or body interacts with the outside environment constantly. Nutrients, air and water must be obtained from outside and wastes discarded into the outside. There is heat, cold, light, dryness, dampness, bacteria, magnetic fields, radiation, psychological/emotional forces and the list goes on. In the face of all these factors the body will be challenged to maintain its internal environment as close as possible to normal so that necessary functions carry on well enough to sustain life. This is called maintaining balance or homeostasis.

Unwellness results when the total load of external stress exceeds the body’s ability to maintain balance.

Chronic unwellness is longterm imbalance where the body was so taxed by the stress that it cannot recover wellness or the stress that caused the unwellness in the first place is still in place keeping the body off balance.


Lack of essential nutrients, air and water. What made life possible is also necessary to sustain life. There are 54 or so essential nutrients plus oxygen and water that must be provided in the necessary amounts in the form as found in nature. Any decrease in essential nutrients, air and water is, itself, a stress that may lead to imbalance. Most people think they eat well or eat a balanced diet when, in fact, they don’t. I constantly find patients who tell me they eat well and then test and find nutrient deficiencies.

Toxic load. We are all subjected to the toxins in our environment. The body has built-in mechanisms for this and detoxes all the time. Problems may arise if there are nutrient deficiencies. The body uses nutrients to detox and can’t do an effective job if what it needs isn’t there. Even fats are necessary in order to detox. So eating a lowfat diet can contribute to toxic buildup.

Structural disorientation-Joints have complicated neurological control mechanisms that can become deranged due to physical, psychological trauma or nutritional deficiencies and toxicity. The joint may still be moved but may induce pain at the joint site or a referred site.

Psychological/emotional load or trauma-Can alter all physiological mechanisms to the point of ill health.

Physical trauma-May cause direct damage or create structural disorientation.

Scars-Are areas of healed tissue damage that have abnormal self-contained areas of nerve tissue that may create its own random nerve impulses, causing interference with normal nerve impulses that compromise normal physiology.

EMF’s-Electromagnetic fields from electrical appliances or batteries in cell phones can interfere with normal physiology through the force of its field.

Genetic weakness or defects-Inborn defects that affect normal physiology in such a way as to make it more difficult for the body to maintain normal function. If severe, may lead to illness and death.

The doctor trained in Applied Kinesiology techniques is uniquely qualified to analyze and detect if any of these environmental stresses are operating and offer help in correcting or alleviating their influence.

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