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Pain Elimination

PAIN is the body’s way of alerting us to a problem so we can avoid further damage or a signal of damage already done that we must address before it becomes worse or life threatening. So pain is a self protective mechanism that communicates a state of the body report. For example, if we touch a hot stove burner, the heat induces pain causing a reflex withdrawing of the hand so as to avoid a serious burn.

PAIN accompanies injuries or the inflammation produced by many disease states, allergic reaction to foreign invaders(parasites or proteins) or states of nutritional deficiency.

Long standing or chronic PAIN is PAIN of long duration.

Some PAIN is referred pain. This is PAIN in an area of the body that has played no role in the cause of the pain. For example, much right shoulder pain is referred pain from the liver or gall bladder .The shoulder itself has no damage and has produced none of the PAIN directly.

Applied kinesiology techniques afford an extraordinary means for analyzing and determining the cause of PAIN, which, in turn, leads us to take the correct measures to alleviate or eliminate the PAIN. We can determine if pain comes from an area directly or is referred from somewhere else. Trying to fix a right shoulder pain that is caused by a liver condition by working on the shoulder will produce no results. The liver problem must be fixed to eliminate the shoulder pain. Techniques such as Contact Reflex Analysis and Body Restoration Technique allow us to do just that.

Anyone who has had the flu knows how they ached all over their body and may have, especially, had PAINs in the back and neck. The bacteria or viruses set up home and their waste products are toxins that produce inflammation and PAIN.  But, not many know that many stiff necks, single joint PAINs and weak muscles groups can be the result of inflammation due to local infections.

Some pains, joint stiffness and muscle soreness or weakness are due solely to nutritional deficiencies such as B vitamins or essential fats.

Some pain is due to joint fixation or malpositioning, which causes pain when the joint is used because the function is disoriented and sets off nerve impulses like a computer virus in a computer.

I have learned extraordinary joint repositioning techniques far superior to manipulation that often relieves pain of long standing duration that has been resistant to correction by other means such as such as physical therapy, acupuncture, activator or the like.

So PAIN can often be eliminated where before it was intractable because applied kinesiology techniques allow us to get to the real cause. Referred pains are fixed  by finding the visceral problem and correcting that.  If it’s an infection or nutritional problems we fix that. If it is truly a joint problem, we can reposition the joint to alleviate the pain.

These techniques work on most people and are long lasting or permanent!

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