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Men's Problems

Problem’s unique to men have to do with their unique anatomy and physiology associated with sexual function. Men have a prostate gland sitting at the front bottom of the bladder. The urethra or tube running from the bladder bringing the urine through the penis and out also runs through the prostate gland which produces seminal fluid to carry the sperm also into the urethra and out during orgasm to deposit the sperm in the vagina with the objective of fertilizing an egg during sex.

The function of the system is controlled by hormones(chemical messengers) and the nervous system(hard wired system). Problems arise when conditions change that affect these two control systems.

The two main conditions that change normal function are a poor diet leading to nutritional deficiencies and hormone imbalance and environmental pollution which interferes with normal function by disrupting normal physiology or action.

A poor diet causes an imbalance in the hormonal or chemical messengers that pass from cells to other cells carrying a work order to carry out a task. If there are too many work orders or not enough work orders, the work necessary to maintain the system in a healthy state does not get done.

When food is eaten, there is a rise in blood sugar. When blood sugar rises the body lowers the blood sugar by using some for energy and storing the rest. There is only one hormone that lowers blood sugar and that is insulin. Insulin takes the sugar to the cells which take in what they need, and a certain amount is stored, mostly in the liver and muscles as a complex sugar and in fat cells as fat. The fat cells send a message to the pancreas, where insulin is made, to tell the pancreas that enough energy as fat has been stored, so that no more insulin is needed to bring the fat cells more sugar.  The fat cells also send a message to the brain that enough energy has been stored, no more is needed so no more food is required and the brain shuts down the sense of hunger so the urge to eat is shut down. If many carbohydrates are eaten, the blood sugar level goes up very high. The body must make greater amounts of insulin in order to handle the greater amount of sugar in order to bring the blood sugar down to normal levels. Only so much sugar can be stored in the muscles and liver as complex sugar called glycogen. The excess is changed into fat and stored in fat cells. If this happens over a long period of time, cells fill up and don’t need any more sugar but insulin keeps bringing it around. In order to protect themselves, cells begin to stop listening to the insulin. Over a long period of time this happens more and more until a state of insulin resistance occurs. The cells are resisting the insulin. Meanwhile the fats cells are getting bigger and bigger and more and more due to large amount of excess energy stored as fat and these fat cells are sending progressively larger messages to the pancreas to stop making insulin. Continued high blood sugar levels from frequent carbohydrate meals stimulate the pancreas, so the pancreas cells stop listening to the fat cell messages. They become resistant. So more and more fat is stored in the body. For men’s problems that means more and more fat is stored around the prostate gland. This reduces circulation to the prostate, which causes higher acidity where infections increase and healthy enzymes do not work as well.

High insulin levels cause inflammation. High insulin causes cells to grow and divide.
High insulin leads to high estrogen levels in the body. Estrogen is a hormone(messenger) that carrys the message for cells to divide and grow as well.

Eating bad fats adds to the inflammation. Eating grains depletes minerals, especially zinc which is essential for proper prostate function.

Pollution in the form of heavy metals like lead and mercury, chemicals and mold are all fat soluble. All our cells are surrounded by a two layer membrane made up mostly of fat. All physiology occurs in the cell membranes. The poisonous metals and chemicals dissolve in the fat of the membrane disrupting the normal function or action.

The result is a sick, enlarged prostate.

To avoid men’s problems it is essential that a good diet with adequate protein, all essential fats, vitamins and minerals is ingested. Perhaps more important is what not to eat. Foods that raise blood sugar should be minimized, such as anything made of flour products. Bad fats such as vegetable oils, fried and processed food should be avoided.

People should become educated as the whereabouts of toxic pollutants and avoid them, especially in personal care products and household items such as cleaners and paints.

The Applied Kinesiology Techniques of Contact Reflex Analysis and Body Restoration Technique afford us powerful and non-invasive ways of analyzing the body for nutritional deficiencies and toxins leading to their correction and the restoration of health.

Dr Robert Jackson.

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