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Fatigue and Depression

Fatigue tops the list as the item most named as a health concern. When you are tired your body is telling you that it is not working properly. I find that fatigue is almost always a direct result of poor nutrient status. Health and life itself is based on 55 or so essential nutrients. These nutrients are essential because they make life possible.  Without gas, oil, water and brake fluid, your car won’t work. Without the essential nutrients your body won’t work.

So the first thing is eat whole foods that provide all the fats, protein, minerals and vitamins required for life.

The second thing is too avoid eating or drinking empty or altered “foods”.

Empty foods contain little or no vitamins or minerals, good fats or protein, such as most bread, pasta, white rice and soda. These items do not replace the nutrients the body uses to process them. The result is a net loss of nutrients.

These foods also raise blood sugar to above normal levels. This leads to hormone imbalance which can lead to thyroid gland problems, slow metabolism and fatigue.

Grain based foods contain chemicals that deplete minerals and interfere with digestion.

The proteins in grain may induce allergies which can also lead to fatigue.

Soy based foods do what grain based foods do and should be avoided. Soy depresses thyroid function directly leading to fatigue.

Bad fats should be avoided. Most people have heard of trans fat but don’t know why they are bad. Good fats are those fats that have the correct characteristics that allow them to become part of the body’s structure which, in turn, allows the structure to function the way normal body physiology or function requires. Good fats have a certain shape and a certain length. Bad fats have the wrong shape or are too long or both. Trans fats have the wrong shape. So bad fats are the square pegs that the body tries to fit in its round holes.

Margarine, canola oil and soy oil are all square pegs and should be avoided. When they are consumed they body tries to use them, but normal physiology will be depressed because these fats don’t work. Therefore, physiology suffers and fatigue is the result.

If toxins are present in the body they interfere with normal physiology and often result in fatigue. Toxins lower the body’s resistance to bacteria, viruses and all parasites. They move in, use nutrients and their wastes are toxic and their protein can induce allergies, all of which can lead to altered physiology and fatigue.

In most cases of chronic fatigue states, there is almost always poor nutrition status, toxins and bacteria.

The Applied Kinesiology Techniques of Contact Reflex Analysis and Body Restoration Technique are gentle noninvasive biofeedback methods that allow us to determine toxic and nutrient status and the presence of bacteria  in order to make corrections to enhance vitality and do away with fatigue.

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