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Childrens Issues

Children’s issues are similar to adults with some important differences.  It begins before conception. The health of the mother including nutrient status and toxic levels in great part influenced by nutrient levels influence  ability to conceive and the subsequent  normal development of the fetus and  the future health of the child and the child’s children. Genetic strengths and weaknesses are influenced every second of the day by the choices we make around every part of our daily life, especially food. The cells in our bodies don’t work under just any conditions. Nutrients that made life possible are the same nutrients that life depends on. Without them cells may malfunction and effect any aspect of health.

Recently I saw two dramatic examples of this with children of a new client whose testimony you can read below. This client brought her 9 year old son to me because he had what she was told was ADHD. My testing showed that he was low in essential fats and minerals and he was eating cereal for breakfast. Brain function depends, in large part, on essential fats. After all, the brain is made of about 60% fat. In other words, brain function is dependent upon a good supply of good fats. According to his mother, within three days of providing good fats and taking him off of wheat cereal, the boy’s behavior was so improved that he was essentially normal. A miracle to them. Not to me.

She also has a seven year old daughter, who was, ostensibly, born with a muscle weakening condition that resulted in poor balance, body control,  general weakness and lethargy. Medical testing and treatment afforded no help for the first seven years of her life. My testing revealed a deficiency of nutrients including good fats. After only a few weeks this girl became stronger and regained control of her body that after about a month, it could be said that she was now completely normal. Her personality became transformed into a beautiful happy normal 7 year old girl. It looked like a miracle and yet, was simply the manifestation of the normal functioning of a normal body given the right nutrients that life requires.

A few years ago, a woman brought me her 15 year old daughter. This beautiful young girl had a back ache that caused her to be removed from playing soccer and lacrosse. Doctors had taken an x-ray that revealed a defect in a vertebra in her back that was thought to be the cause of her pain. No type of therapy seemed to alleviate the pain. My testing indicated general muscle weakness, which is often the result of nutrient deficiency, especially good fats. After three months of taking my recommended good fat supplements, the girl was totally free from pain and her muscle strength was normal. She was able to return to her sports and was a happy healthy 15 year old once again. The spinal defect had nothing to do with her condition. Her body was literally starving for essential good fats.

We need to be diligent feeding our children. They are the next generation of adults.

Pollution is everywhere, and inescapable. It is part of industrial civilization.

Altering food with genetically modified grains is done to increase yields by allowing the spraying of herbicides like Roundup. We get more food, but it is contaminated with Roundup.

Industrial farming depletes topsoil and the food grown is not as nutritious.

It is essential to eat whole foods with a minimum of herbicide residue. The best way is with your own gardens using organic methods or obtain food from local farms using organic methods. Meat and eggs need to be from healthy free range animals allowed to eat the food they evolved to eat.

Protect our children! Everyone is deficient! Everyone is toxic! Offering evaluations of nutrient status and toxic levels, as always.


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