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High Blood Pressure & Stroke

Stroke and heart attacks cause many thousands of deaths each year to many unsuspecting victims who were tested periodically with standard tests and were following what they believed to be prudent lifestyle advice.

I, myself, was a self-proclaimed Jack Lalanne clone and suffered a stroke at the age of 55 even though I was in a low risk pool based on lifestyle.

Tim Russert just died and I have read many articles about why people thought he died even though he had recently been given a clean bill of health.

The problem with standard screening tests is that they don’t screen for underlying causes. Yes, they look at high blood pressure and cholesterol, but these don’t tell the other story; that of inflammatory markers like toxic load and nutritional deficiencies.

Environmental toxins like mercury, cadmium, arsenic, and mold toxins are fat soluble and dissolve in the cell membranes of cells, which are approximately 60% fat. That is correct! Every cell in the body is surrounded by a double cell membrane made of 60% fat.  The cell membranes are where all body function or physiology takes place. The toxins dissolve in the membranes and disturb the normal body physiology. Using stronger words, the toxins are poison and poison the normal body function. Simply put, with the toxins(poisons) present, things go wrong. This is called inflammation.  One of the signs is that cells become sticky.  So they will stick to each other. In the case of stroke and heart attacks, blood cells stick together and stick to the inside of arteries and form blockages. The blood can’t get through and the heart stops beating or the brain is cut off from oxygen and the person loses consciousness and either dies or becomes paralyzed.

Environmental toxins are everywhere. The body is under constant assault. The body can and does detox 24/7/365.  It does a good job when it has all the essential nutrients, but people who eat a poor diet consisting of high carbohydrate, highly processed and bad fats, do not detox well and they build up toxins and eventually become ill.  How many people, or doctors, for that matter, know that without the right fats, the body can’t detox well?

What does a high carbohydrate diet have to do with it? A high carbohydrate diet is a high sugar diet. This causes elevated blood sugar which the body lowers by using insulin. Insulin has a strong effect on cell membranes. Too much insulin too much of the time causes inflammation of cell membranes by causing the membranes to break down prematurely.  In other words, too many carbohydrates makes sticky cells that stick together.

What does bad fat have to do with it? Bad fats are like square pegs in a round hole!
Good fats are good because their length and shape give them behavior that is good for life. In other words, normal life function works the way it does because the good fats help create the function. Change the fat length or shape into something not normally found in nature and you change or stop the function the fat is responsible for. Then your have serious health problems.  So making margarine or salad dressings with hydrogenated fats is making a product that does not support normal life function. It may taste fine and you can eat it, but your body can’t use it and it creates problems.  Eating bad fats causes inflammation of the cell membranes just like toxins and too much insulin and you can wind up with a stroke or heart attack due to sticky cells and sticky artery walls. Most people have all three conditions going on at the same time, so there is no wonder that there is so much heart disease and strokes.

Note: Many oils that are touted as healthy oils are, in fact, bad fats such as canola oil, soy oil and peanut oils, and should be avoided.

So it is imperative that people get screened for toxins and nutritional deficiencies.
The most sensitive, immediate and non invasive method I know is using Applied Kinesiology techniques.

As a stroke survivor, I understand the need for this screening and have vast experience in correcting the problems before it is too late.

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