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Breast Cancer Page

Disclaimer: I do not treat cancer. This page is for informational purposes only! Comment: I present this page not because I am an expert in cancer, but because I am constantly exposed to information in my readings and seminars that I feel the public should see. What amazes me are the differences in opinion as to causes, testing

Why Breast Cancer Risk Assessment?

Breast Cancer is up 300% in the last 15 years and rising 1% per year! Each year 180,000 women will be diagnosed with breast cancer and 44,000 will die!

Mammograms & Thermography

The vast majority of women believe that having regular mammograms or thermography will reduce their risk of developing breast cancer.

Nothing Could Be Further From The Truth! These are tools that only detect cancer once it has developed and do nothing to prevent cancer from developing in the first place! Plus, there are questions as to the validity and safety of mammograms. A mammogram is an x-ray! Radiation is the only cause of cancer acknowledged by the American Cancer Society.

Dr. Samuel Epstein, M.D., professor of occupational environmental medicine at the University of Illinois:

  • "There is clear evidence that the breast, particularly in premenopausal women, is highly sensitive to radiation, with increased risk….for every unit of x-ray exposure….this exposure can add up quickly with annual mammography."
  • There is "evidence that one percent of women , or over one million women in the US alone, carry a gene that increases their breast cancer risk from radiation fourfold."
  • "While there is general concensus that mammography improves early detection and survival in post-menopausal women, no such benefit is demonstrable for younger women."

Breast Cancer Awareness Month Motto:

"Early detection is your best protection!"

1995 - The National Cancer Institute stated that "Breast cancer is simply not a preventable disease."

1997 - The American Cancer Society-"there are no practical ways to prevent breast cancer-only early detection."

Beluga Whale

Beluga whales live in the St Lawrence River estuary. Pollution from the Great Lakes includes industrial waste in cities from Chicago to Detroit and is destroying the population of Beluga whales. The toxins they absorb become embedded in their fat tissues and eventually sickens them with cancer. The level of toxicity is so high, that a dead whale washed up on the shore can not be buried, but must be shipped to a toxic removal site.

Dr Sandra Steingraber, in her book, Living Downstream, writes eloquently of the connections between environmental contamination and cancer. Diagnosed at age 20 with bladder cancer, unusual for a young non-smoker and non drinker, she asked the question, why? "does the beluga drink too much alcohol and does the beluga smoke too much and does the beluga have a bad diet..is that why the beluga whales are ill?"

From Dr. Janette Sherman’s book, Life’s Delicate Balance.."beluga whales have been identified with bladder cancer and the whales have breast cancer."

Pat Kane, Phd., the detoxx book, "perhaps we are all beluga whales for we are ingesting or exposed to toxicity with every breath and with every mouth of processed food. The need to be more conscious of the problem goes without saying. Toxicity is part of our world, but fortunately, can be dealt with."

Women’s Community Cancer Project

From Dr Sherman’s Book:

  • "Women with cancer want the American Cancer Society to confront corporate polluters."
  • "Early detection is no prevention."
  • "Real prevention means not getting breast cancer to begin with."

Dr Sherrill Sellman:

Women can make the difference in eliminating breast cancer. The breast cancer epidemic is not some great mystery. The causes of cancer are already known: Toxic diets, toxic lifestyles, toxic environments, toxic drug treatments and toxic diagnostic techniques cause cancer.

John S. Foster, M.D.

The reasons we get sick are simpler than we realize. We have the same bodies and brains and endocrine systems of our Paleolithic ancestors of 30,000 years ago. We are trying to live in a world of stress and bad food and disrupted sleep and fewer real dangers and many more imaginary ones. We are not evolved to live like this, but we have changed the environment faster than we can change our physiology.

Risk Factors

  1. Genetic-60% with, 12 % without-may be influenced by environmental/lifestyle factors. The new field of epigenetics shows that genes can be turned on or triggered by these factors. Just having the gene doesn’t guarantee one will get cancer.
  2. Family history with unidentified genetic factors as in 1) above.
  3. Smoking
  4. HRT usage
  5. High estrogen levels-environmental/lifestyle/genetic factors
  6. Age of menarche-early, inc risk.
  7. Age of childbearing-late, inc risk
  8. Number of children-late, none or few
  9. Breastfeeding
  10. Obesity
  11. Low DHA(omega3) status
  12. Low vit. D status
  13. Low iodine status
  14. Exposure to environmental toxins
  15. High sugar diets
  16. High gluten diets-From Dangerous Grains, Braly and Hoggan-In parallel with increased consumption of grains, the rate of cancer deaths has risen from 2.5% to nearly 30%.

Dr Sherry Rogers-"There is no question that these accumulated toxins(along with undiagnosed nutrient deficiencies) are behind every disease." Our Stolen Future, Colborn, Dumanoski & Myers-"at levels typically found in the environment-disrupting chemicals…target hormones, the chemical messengers that move about constantly within the body’s communication network. They sabotage vital communication. They mug the messengers or impersonate them. They jam signals. They scramble messages. They sow disinformation. They wreak all manner of havoc."

Pat Kane, Phd., from membrane essentials-if you do not eat correctly, your cells lose direction. Without raw materials, cells either do not make enough of some vital artifacts, or they become totally misdirected(as in autoimmune disease, cancer, hormone imbalance, etc.)

Wolfgang Lutz, M.D.-Primitive Cell Model of Cancer:

Cancer cells form by changing so that they no longer represent the specific tissue or type of cell they originally developed into. Specific cells or tissues are different from each other and became different by a process known as differentiation, which essentially means becoming different. Cancer cells do the reverse and undergo dedifferentiation meaning they go from specific to general and are called undifferentiated. Cancer cells are cells that have reverted to more primitive cells and are general or undifferentiated. Anything that sufficiently disrupts human cell metabolism can cause the cell to revert to a primitive state.


Estrogen is a hormone or chemical messenger important as the main sex hormone in women and is essential to the menstrual cycle.

Estrogen in general tends to ptomote cell division, particularly in hormone-senstive tissue such as the breast and uterine lining.

When estrogen levels become too high or out of balance it is thought there is a higher risk for breast or other estrogen sensitive cancers.

Too Much Estrogen?

  • Dr John Lee - when women consume considerably more calories than needed, estrogen productionincreases proportionately to superhuman levels.
  • Dr Wolfgang Lutz -a high carbohydrate diet raises blood sugar promoting the need for the hormone insulin. Over time, high levels of insulin cause a shift in hormones in favor of estrogen. Too much insulin and glucose in the blood can cause cells to dedifferentiate and be a primary cause of dietary related cancer.
  • Dr Diana Schwarzbein elevated insulin levels cause excessive body fat, rapid cell growth and an imbalance in every other hormone system of the body. When hormones are imbalanced, the possibility of abnormal cell division increases.

Dr Schwarzbein’s Risk factors for cancer:

  1. Age:normal aging plus bad eating and lifestyle habits
  2. Cholesterol lowering drugs-low cholesterol levels increase abnormal cell division.
  3. eating bad fats:causes damage to cellular DNA
  4. eating excess carbohydrates:increases insulin and other growth hormones
  5. environmental exposure to toxins: damages cellular DNA

Estronex 2/16 Test

  • A simple urine test that measures the ratio of good and bad estrogen.
  • Studies show that women with low Estronex ratios have much higher rates of breast cancer.
  • Low ratios also indicate increased long term risk for uterine, ovarian, cervical and head and neck cancers.


  • Estronex test for estrogens
  • Toxicity Status
  • Nutritional Status
  • Allergic/sensitivity Status

Essential lifestyle changes:

  1. Avoid commercial cleaners, commercial personal care products and toxic garden pesticides.
  2. Eat organic food when possible-this eliminates exposure to hormones, pesticides and preservatives.
  3. avoid bad fats-no soy, canola or peanut oil:no margarine, commercial mayonnaise or salad dressings-use coconut oil for cooking.
  4. avoid grains-contain many antinutrients such as gluten, phytic acid & more. If not sensitive, use nut flours and coconut flour for baking.
  5. eat low carb-read "Life Without Bread" by Allan and Lutz and slowly reduce daily carb intake to 72 gms/day.
  6. if not sensitive, eat cruciferous vegetables such as kale and brussel sprouts-research shows a shift in estrogen protective against cancer-increases glutathione in the liver for use in detoxification.
  7. be as lean as possible without being underweight
  8. exercise for 30 minutes per day
  9. commentary:-virtually all my clients/patients who come to me with some chronic ailment are toxic and have very poor nutritional status.
  10. physically they are tired and weak, unable to hold their arms and legs up against normal pressure.
  11. we are all exposed to the same environmental toxins. Toxins tend to accumulate in the body and breakdown the normal physiological function.

In a recent study cited by a nationally syndicated M.D., Dr Hyman: Fifty years ago, the average blood levels of lead were about 40 micrograms/deciliter. The level considered "safe" by the government has continued to fall and is now considered less than 10 micrograms/deciliter. New studies question the idea that ANY level of this toxic metal is safe.

Researchers found that a blood level of lead over two micrograms/deciliter (that's two, not 10 or 40) caused dramatic increases in heart attacks, strokes and death. In fact, after controlling for all other risk factors, including cholesterol, high blood pressure, smoking and inflammation, the researchers found that the risk of death from all causes in people with a lead level that high increased by 25 percent. Deaths from heart disease increased by 55 percent, risk of heart attacks increased by 151 percent and risk of stroke increased by 89 percent. This is just levels of lead. Imagine the increase when adding mercury, aluminum, arsenic and formaldehyde which I find in every new client.

Nutritional status determines how well a body provides normal detoxification and protection from poisons. Incorrectly, many people dismiss this out of hand as impossible since they believe they eat well. What they don’t understand is genetic differences in nutritional need, malabsorption of nutrients-meaning even if a diet is hypothetically perfect, the nutrients must be able to be taken in by the body in a usable form and that most foods contain less nutrients now due to depleted soil quality. A carrot is only as good as the soil it was grown in. A piece of meat is only as good as the health or nutrient status of the animal it comes from. Many foods are bioengineered beyond the body’s ability to recognize, absorb and utilize in normal physiology.

In 100 % of cases, when clients followed recommendations in line with their body’s need, they were detoxed effectively to zero and their strength returned. A tribute to the wisdom of the body.

If you are concerned with your own risk factor status, schedule an appointment and see if you are toxic and nutritionally depleted!

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