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ADHD & Autism

I have ADHD and Autism together because they are both personality disorders. Our personalities, our consciousness, what makes us unique as humans and individuals is a function of the structure and function of the brain cells. Our personality is physiology. To be precise, it is the physiology of the cell membranes of each cell. Every cell in our body has a double layer of mostly fat and protein called a membrane which protects the cell and is what the cell uses to communicate with the outside world(other cells, blood, lymph, etc.) The cell membrane is where nutrients are let in and wastes are let out and where messages originate as nerve transmission or hormones that are sent into the bloodstream carrying messages to other cells in the body. So when the cell membranes of our brain cells are functioning normally, our personality, our feeling of wellbeing, our feelings of happiness;our entire perception of life is able to proceed as it should. We see, we recognize, we hear, we feel, we respond. We know that under certain conditions our perception of our interaction with the outside world can be altered. The drug LSD is essentially a poison that dissolves in the fat of the cell membranes and changes the normal function or ability of the brain cells to perceive reality. There is no increase of perception as is claimed by users, but an alteration of perception. The outside is perceived as different, because the cells can no longer process information as they would normally.

In other words, under certain conditions, the persons ability to interact with his/her environment  is impaired.

In effect, ADHD and Autism are normal brain cell physiology gone wrong. What makes the physiology go wrong?

As stated above about LSD, any toxic substance(most, if not all are fat soluble>they dissolve in fat and not water) gaining access to the cell membrane will dissolve in and lodge in the fat(cell membranes are 50-60% fat) and in the brain cells the synapses, or where brain cells “touch” and communicate messages to each other, is 80% fat. In the case of autism, it is known that many in many cases, children were immunized with vaccines containing thimersal, a mercury containing preservative. Mercury is a very toxic metal that dissolves in the cell membrane and changes the membranes ability to function normally by changing the structural properties of the fats. It is the structural characteristics of the fats that allow the fats to function in such a way as to make normal physiology possible. Change the fats and you change function. Change the fats and you change physiology. Change the fats and you change perception. Change perception and you change reaction. In other words, you have inappropriate response to a normal input because the input is perceived as different than it really is. To an outside observer, the response is labeled ADHD or Autism.

In the case of ADHD there is evidence that the strep bacteria may be a primary cause in many cases. The bacteria, if present, would cause disrupted function through toxic waste products dissolving in the cell membranes.

How else can the structural /functional fats in the cell membranes be changed?

So-called “good fats” are good because they possess the characteristics necessary to be incorporated into the body’s anatomy(structure) that is able to function in normal body physiology. In fact, it is these characteristics, that made human physiology possible. In other words, “good fats”make thinking possible!

These “good” or essential fats have the “correct” length and shape and correct location of special connections(bonds) between the carbon building blocks(atoms) of the fat.

Conversely, “bad fats”, including the “trans fats”, as popularized in the media, have the wrong shape>they are either too long, odd shaped or have the incorrect location of bonds between the carbon atoms.

  • Good fats can be thought of as round pegs that fit the round holes of the body.
  • Bad fats can be thought of as square pegs that don’t fit the body’s round holes.

Good fats must be eaten to provide the building blocks essential to normal physiology and in the case of ADHD and Autism, to normal thinking.

If you eat bad fats, the body has no choice but to take the bad fats and try to fit them into the cell membranes with disastrous effects.

The body can’t make good fats out of bad fats. The body makes good fats out of good fat building blocks.

You can’t think straight without good fats!!!

Also, there are vitamins and minerals like B6 and zinc and magnesium that the body requires to properly use fats.

So, Proper diet and toxins are essential factors in ADHD and Autism. Toxins must be located and eliminated if present. The diet must provide the essential building blocks and avoid items that contain bad fats and deplete minerals and or vitamins. Grains and soy products deplete minerals and contain proteins that irritate the cell membranes. Eating too many carbohydrates and sugars causes hormone imbalance and leads to irritation of the cell membranes.

The Applied Kinesiology techniques of Contact Reflex Analysis and Body Restoration Technique afford us impressive noninvasive ways of analyzing people for the presence of toxins and nutritional deficiencies.


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