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Dr Jackson now Chiropractor to two World Record Holders featured below:
Briana Jackucewicz

Briana Jackucewicz holds a world and national record and became a New Jersey State individual champion as a 9th grader, but has suffered from chronic pain for a number of years, keeping her from training and competing effectively. When she came to me I tested her leg muscles and found a number of imbalances. The muscles on the front of the legs were strong while the muscles on the back of the legs were weak. Naturally, the muscles on the front and back should be equally strong. When they are not, the result is pain and injury. Further testing revealed a surprising result: nutritional deficiency was the cause of the muscle weakness. Supplying the specific nutrients needed restored the muscles to their normal strength, fixing the imbalance and the cause of pain and injury. Brianna is now training again and recently won an important invitational race with the 2nd best time ever recorded

Colts Neck senior Briana Jackucewicz is steadily returning to peak form after a spring and summer lost to injury. Her effort at the Cougar Invitational on Saturday served notice she will be a force once championship season begins. Jackucewicz covered the 3.1-mile layout at Bucks Mill Park in 18:21.64, No. 2 all-time at Bucks Mill, to win the Varsity Championship race on Saturday.

"Roundup: Jackucewicz takes first at Cougar Invitational". THE ASSOCIATED PRESS September 27, 2008
Jodie L. Johnson

Fly fishing the Aldabra Chain, in the Seychelles in the Indian Ocean off Africa, Jodie L. Johnson, USA landed a giant trevally (Caranx ignobilis ) weighing 16.32 kg (36 lb 0oz) in eight minutes, while fly fishing with 4 kg (8 lb) tippet. She could beat her own current women’s record of 11 lb 0 oz recorded Dec. 2, 2005. Last year Johnson recorded over 50 saltwater and fly world records and is being honored as the top female angler in the IGFA World Record Achievement Awards for 2006.

Jody came to me with chronic pain. Examination revealed weak muscles of the spine, neck, abdomen, and, of all things for a fisherwoman, hands! Further testing revealed that nutritional deficiencies were causing the muscle weakness. After supplying the specific nutrients that were missing, Jody is now pain free for the first time in years, and her muscles, including her those of her hands, are at full strength and her smile is bigger than ever.

What does this say about the rest of us?

Briana and Jody are the picture of health. As elite athletes, they perform at a level most of us can only dream about, and yet they were being held back by unsuspected and silent nutritional deficiencies. They both believed they were eating well and never suspected their failure to thrive had anything to do with nutrition.

What does this say about the rest of us? Our daily performance level may be less than what it could and should be! We are so used to being the way we are that we don’t suspect there could be room for improvement or that there may even be a problem. Indeed, if you suspect your performance is subpar, whether it be athletics or just coping with the normal activities of daily living or you have obvious symptoms such as chronic pain or fatigue, there is a high probability that your nutrition is not adequate. It doesn’t matter whether you think you are eating well and even taking vitamins. Many vitamin supplements, including well known brand names, are useless and a waste of money. If you want to determine if there is a problem and what the cause may be, consider scheduling an appointment.


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